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How to create a new wallet

How to..


How to create a new wallet in Trust Wallet


Clicking on the below button
you can read the official useful guide on
"how to create a new multi-coin wallet".
Follow all steps and you're done!

Some advice from the Dextera Team.

1. Make sure you always keep your seed phrase a secret!
Never share it with anyone and store it in a secure place.

2. Do not save it in a digital device;
the best thing you can do is to write it in a real sheet paper.

3. No one from the DXTA team will ever ask you
for your passphrase.
Make sure to copy the contract address
and store it properly as well!


How to add Dextera to TW

How to add Dextera Token in your Trust Wallet

Here you can read on the "Trust Wallet Website" an useful guide


1. Open Trust Wallet
and click on the 2 dots

Shiko cOIN v2.png

2. Click on 
"Add custom token"


3. Change the Blockchain
from Ethereum to Smart Chain


4. Paste the 
Dextera official Contract


5. Click on SAVE

Once you paste
the contract
all information should appear
in the right space. 


Dextera CA:


Now the token will appear
in the main page of
Trust Wallet!

How to buy Dexteraon PCS

How to buy Dextera Token on Pancake Swap

1 I'll continue later this part

I'll continue later this part

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