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The IDO will start in:

Dextera was born of a desire to uphold a promise to a community. When so many tokens launch, fail and leave their holders tokens worthless, the team behind Dextera saw an opportunity to be better. With their experience in SHIKO and its renouncement issues they used that knowledge to guide their community into the future with Dextera.

What is Dextera Instrumenta?

Dextera is a BEP20 token

that will be launched on November 21st, 2021.

With the meaning

behind Dextera Instrumenta translating to

“the right tools”

as our name suggests, we want to become synonymous

with the tools people will use in their daily crypto lives.

Dextera aims to not only develop some of the

core platforms

the typical utility coins offer,

but beyond that we want to establish

platforms and partnerships

that will support leading edge applications

meant to improve the overall crypto community.

With a possibility of cryptocurrency becoming centralized, Dextera will help to maintain the security and individualism of people’s holdings within the DeFi network. The creators of Dextera have become quite familiar with the current crypto market and understand the importance of privacy and exclusivity. Dextera will bring a secure platform for farming and staking with incentives to hold the token.

Dextera is a support token

that powers

DeFi platforms.

It will give people the power to farm and stake and use additional features at reduced fees to users.


Total Supply: 10 Billions

Per transaction: 10% buy / 12% sell 


2% Buyback of Dextera  


4% Development / Marketing

(+1% on sells) 

2% Reflections to all wallets

2% To LP (+1% on sells) 


Locked Tokens: 25% of initial supply locked for 18 months & PancakeSwap LP lock

Our DEXtools

will have premium features,

access to sites pertaining to

market success and notifications with reduce cost, (Tutum vault)

Some of Our Partners

- Rapid Sparks


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